Record Keeping

The supervisor will keep securely stored the personnel records of each child

  • Full names addresses and telephone numbers of parent/guardian of each child.
  • Childs’ date of birth
  • Name of child’s General Practioner
  • Emergency telephone contact and number
  • Record of any allergies or other significant health information
  • Record of any medicines administered prior to coming into Pre-School e.g. Calpol etc.
  • Record of any medicine administered at Pre-School with parents/guardians permission
  • Record of any accidents or incidents sustained at Pre- School.
  • Development notes of each child, to assist in the planning of sessions
  • Develop records including observations, photographs and samples of work are collated by the key carer and information shared in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998)


  • A record of daily attendance is to be made at the beginning of each session of all children and adults.
  • A record of children and adults leaving the group
  • A record made of any visitors visiting the group, and signing out when they leave.


  • Ofsted registration
  • Public Liability

All our staff and employment records are kept securely and confidentially


Policy adopted at the Management Committee Meeting 23.4.2014