Our Pre-school aims to have regard for the DFES Special Education Needs Code of Practice and to provide a welcoming environment and appropriate learning opportunities for all children.

We have a designated member of staff who is the Inclusion co-ordinator this is Mrs Evelyn Williamson.

We ensure that our inclusive admission practice allows equality and access of opportunity. We try to make sure that our physical environment is as far as possible suitable for children with disabilities and our staff work closely with parents and outside professionals to create and maintain a positive partnership
We aim to keep parents fully informed at all stages of the assessment, planning and reviewing of their child’s education.

We ensure that the provision for the children with special educational needs is the responsibility of all members of the setting

We use a system of planning implementing monitoring evaluating and reviewing individual education plans (IEPs) for children with SEN/disabilities.

We use our keyworker system in conjunction with the Inclusion Co-ordinator to keep records of the children with SEN/disabilities.

We ensure the privacy of children with SEN/disabilities when intimate care is being provided.
We provide parents with information on sources of independent advice and support.
We liaise with other professionals involved with children with SEN/disabilities and their families, including transition to other settings

We have systems in place for working with other agencies through each stage of the Common Assessment Framework (CAF) Early Years Action Plus, Statutory Assessment and the Statementing process


Policy adopted at the management meeting 23.4.2014