The pre-school’s work with children and families will sometimes bring us into contact with confidential information. We store and share information within the framework of the Data Protection Act (1998)

To ensure that all those using and working in the pre-school can do so with confidence, we will respect confidentially in the following ways:

  1. Parents will have ready access to the file records of their own children but will not have access to information about any other child.
  2. Staff will not discuss individual children, other than for purposes of curriculum planning/group management, with people other than the parents of that child.
  3. Information given by parents/carers to the pre-school Supervisor or child’s keyworker will not be passed on to other adults without permission.
  4. Issues to do with employment of staff, whether paid or unpaid, will remain confidential to the people directly involved with making personnel decisions.
  5. Students on Pre-school Learning Alliance or other recognised courses observing in the pre-school will be advised of our confidentiality policy and required to respect it.
  6. If a staff member becomes aware of an issue involving a child’s behaviour within the pre-school, that staff member must discuss this, in confidence, with the supervisor, or asst. supervisor in the supervisor’s absence.
  7. Confidential information may be disclosed to the management committee.

All of the above are subject to the paramount commitment of the pre-school which is to the safety and well being of the child.


Policy adopted at the management committee meeting 23.4.2014