Admissions Policy

Admissions Policy

The supervisor and Admissions officer keep a waiting list

The Pre-school prefers to admit children for a minimum of 2 terms, due to possible disruption to a child’s educational stability. The closing dates for applications are 31st March, 31st August and 31st December for the summer, Christmas and Easter terms respectfully.


In order of PRIORITY

  1. CATCHMENT AREA – Children living within the Parish of Old Windsor
  2. SIBLINGS- If a sibling attends or has attended at the Pre-School within the last 3 years
  3. AGE – Children are admitted in order of age. Children aged over 2years and 10months are admitted during the term in which their 3rd birthday occurs if there is a vacancy. Priority is to be given to children aged 3years or over.
  4. DATE OF APPLICATION – Date of application for the place.
  5. CHILD’S NEEDS – If a child has recognised medical, physical, social, Educational or learning difficulties. Appropriate evidence, including a report or letter for a suitable professional is required,and providing acceptable staffing can be arranged
  6. RECOMMENDATION OF SUPERVISOR – The supervisor may make a recommendation to the management committee that a child warrants admission as a priority.


The Admissions Officer and the Supervisor make decisions on admission as and when required and report to the management committee all such decisions.

If the Supervisor makes a recommendation, the management committee will make a decision on admission taking all known relevant decisions into the account.

The Pre-School allocates days to children under the criteria and procedure set out below. Legislation now provides for 15 hours government funded sessions per week for each child the term after they attain three years of age. This may be accessed at more than one 1 provision.



The Pre-School aims to offer the following, subject to availability, the readiness of the child and the allocation criteria set out below:

To children less than 3 years, 2 sessions per week;

To children aged 3 years or over, usually 2 sessions per week and thereafter an increase of 1 session per week per term;

To children aged 4 year or over,usually 4 sessions per week and thereafter an increase to 5 sessions per week in the term after they are 4 years of age.

The above aims are for guidance and are subject to the allocation criteria below.


In order of PRIORITY, and subject to availability, sessions are allocated to

  1. At least 2 new children each term, in order to achieve the Pre-School’s target for overall intake.
  2. Children aged 4 years or over.
  3. Children aged 3 years or over.
  4. Children at the Pre-School in age order.
  5. Children on the waiting list.
  6. Children at the Pre School again in age order

If a child does not attend the Pre-School for a period of 4 consecutive weeks, and the Supervisor or management committee are not made aware of the reason, the Supervisor and/or the Admissions Officer may offer that child’s place to another child.


Fees are charged per 3-hour session and are in line with levels of government funding for early years education, Details of these fees are available from the Supervisor. An invoice will be given to Parents/Guardians/Carers at the beginning of each half term, and should be paid within 14 days of receipt. No fees are refundable. The Management Committee may increase the level of fees from time to time as required upon giving a term’s notice.

Fees continue to be payable if a child is absent without notice or for a short time. In cases of prolonged absence, parents should consult the Management committee about fee payment. Each child’s attendance at the group is conditional upon continued payment of any necessary fees.


Parents of children who are unhappy with an admission or allocation decision may request a review and/or an appeal.


  1. The parent(s) concerned may request a review in writing within 7 days of an admission or allocation decision;
  2. The Supervisor and/or Admissions Officer will conduct a review with in 7 days of receiving a request by arranging a meeting with the parent(s) concerned. The supervisor and/or Admissions Officer will inform the parent(s) concerned and the Chairperson of the management committee of the review decision on writing.


  1. The parent(s) concerned may request an appeal by writing to the chairperson of the management committee. The chairperson will convene a meeting of a panel of the committee and the parent(s) concerned within 14 days.
  2. The Chairperson will inform the parent(s) concerned of the appeal decision in writing.


Policy adopted at the Management Committee meeting 23.4.2014